Buying Off Market

Buying Off Market

Whilst historically off-market sales were popular for “high-end” properties, we are recently seeing more sellers of homes priced under £1 million also adopting this approach. But is buying off-market a good idea? You can download the latest article in the Property News section of the Bristol Magazine by Lili by clicking here or on the […]

Breaking the House Chain – removing the weakest link

Historically it’s been ingrained in homeowners that once on the property ladder: do not step off! But as uncertainty continues to plague the property market, and recent reportsof a greater number of sales falling through in England and Wales,buyers should be more open-minded as to the possible benefits ofbreaking the chain. Writes Lili in the […]

Bristol Property Market Update August 2023

Bristol Property Market Update

Bristol Property Market Update…. As was a broadly expected (following last month’s better than expected inflation figures) the MPC has raised interest rates by 0.25% today bringing them up to 5.25%. This is not expected to rock new mortgage rates as most lenders, and certainly, the Big Five, reduced their borrowing rates over the past […]

Bristol Property Market Update March 23

Bristol Property Update 2023

It is fair to say since September’s (2022) mini-budget and the resulting financial chaos, the property market has been in the press one way or another pretty much every day. Siphoning through the figures / projections and opinions is an almost full-time job – on top of our full-time Buying Agents job of advising clients; […]

Working from Home in Bristol

The Work From Home trend continued well into the Q1 of 2022 as the latest (released Nov 2022) headline figures from the Office of Rail and Road suggest; passenger numbers entering and exiting from Bristol Temple Meads are at just 60% of pre-pandemic levels. Before Lockdown 1 (in the year April 2019 to March 2020) […]