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Oliver Roth is an independent Bristol Buying Agent or property Finder specialising in the search and acquisition of prime residential property in and around the city.

Why Buy in Bristol

Booming Market

Bristol is a growing city with a thriving property market. In recent years, house prices have been steadily rising, making it an excellent location for property investors. With demand for housing in the city still high, investing in Bristol property is a sound financial decision.

Vibrant City:

Bristol is known for its rich history, culture, and diversity. As the largest city in the South West of England, it boasts an array of amenities, including excellent shopping and dining experiences, arts and culture, and top-class sporting facilities.

Strong Rental Market:

The demand for rental properties in Bristol is high, with a growing number of young professionals and students choosing to live in the city. This has led to a thriving rental market, with high yields and a low vacancy rate.

Why buy a property in Bristol

About Us

Oliver Roth is an independent Bristol Buying Agent specialising in the search and acquisition of prime residential property in and around the city of Bristol.

Founded by Rupert Oliver in 2022 as the independent buying arm of Rupert Oliver Property Agents, the company provides a bespoke property search and acquisition service for those looking to purchase a new family home, investment opportunity or pied a terre in and around the sought-after city of Bristol.

Why Choose Us

Over the past 25 years, as an active agent in the local area, Rupert has sold over a billion pounds of Bristol real estate, giving his clients an unrivalled insight into the fast paced and ever-changing Bristol residential property market.

Client Testimonials

In negotiating and concluding the sale, it was indispensable to have this experienced professional (Rupert) on our side. The money saved far exceeded the fee……….

There are many areas in Bristol and each one has its merits, history and culture. At Oliver Roth, we believe in finding you the right place to live and that is not just the house you choose.

We think about your surroundings and how they will affect your day-to-day life. Bristol is a city rich in culture, heritage, tradition, food and drink and educational offerings. We like to think we can help guide you find the right spot so that everything slots seamlessly into place not just for you the owner, but your children and even your pets.

It is fair to say since September’s (2022) mini-budget and the resulting financial chaos, the property market has been in the press one way or another pretty much every day.

Siphoning through the figures / projections and opinions is an almost full-time job – on top of our full-time Buying Agents job of advising clients; viewing and buying houses!

Bristol is one of the best locations in the UK in which to buy property. We don’t say that just because we live and work here, we really mean it. There is so much going on in Bristol that we can’t think of a reason not to buy in Bristol unless you need to commute to Timbuctoo of course, but then again we do have an international airport on our doorstep.

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