Is it possible to beat a cash buyer?

Can you be a cash buyer in BRistol

In March’s edition of the Bristol Magazine, Lili discusses what can be done about cash buyers and is it possible to beat them. 

With cash buyers reported to have accounted for about one-third of home sales in 2023, what can buyers relying on financing do to compete against the ‘power buyer’?

Cash buyers are invariably seen by agents and vendors as being the preferred buyer with a strong reputation as being dependable, offering
an ease of transaction and less perceived risk of the transaction falling through.

This is certainly reflective of our own experience representing cash buyers, with many for example overlooking issues in surveys that an underwriter may not. But all is not lost for those non-cash buyers, even when competing against the ‘power buyer’.

You can read more of the article on the Bristol Magazine website or by downloading it here…

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