Why is Bristol a Good Place to Live

City Life Mixed with the Countryside

If you are looking to get away from London, but not quite escape to the country in full, then Bristol is the place for you. Brizzle (as the locals call it) gives you the chance to benefit from a thriving city center whilst being minutes away from rolling countryside or beautiful gardens and parks. The city is full of cultural events, a history that can not be matched and a food and drink scene to die for.

At Oliver Roth, we think Bristol is the perfect place to raise a family, be a student or even retire. It has something for everyone, you just need to know where to find it. That is where we come in. We have an intimate knowledge not just of the housing market but the local area too. 

If you have young children then you need to know where the best primary schools are and how to get to them safely. Older children have a range of schools and academies to choose from whether you choose to go private or not Bristol has an excellent choice of secondary schools. 

Student Life in Bristol

Bristol has a choice of two leading universities located in and around the city. UWE and the University of Bristol take up some of the prime property in Bristol and are part of the reason the property market is so busy. With tens of thousands of students looking for accommodation, it is always going to have a knock-on effect on the traditional housing market. 

Buying a property for student accommodation is an excellent way to secure their rooms but also to start building a portfolio within the city. 

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