Bristol Property Market Update August 2023

Bristol Property Market Update

Bristol Property Market Update…. As was a broadly expected (following last month’s better than expected inflation figures) the MPC has raised interest rates by 0.25% today bringing them up to 5.25%. This is not expected to rock new mortgage rates as most lenders, and certainly, the Big Five, reduced their borrowing rates over the past […]

Co-working in Bristol

Co-working in Bristol Bristol has always led the way in terms of offering decent co-working spaces for remote workers. Today there are more spaces than ever available to rent a desk, office or meeting room by the hour, day or week.  Every week sees a new space launched and the prices aren’t too shabby either. […]

Buying a Property in Bristol

Is it worth buying a property in Bristol? Bristol is one of the best locations in the UK in which to buy property. We don’t say that just because we live and work here, we really mean it. There is so much going on in Bristol that we can’t think of a reason not to […]

Where to Live in Bristol

Where do you want to live in Bristol? There are many areas in Bristol and each one has its merits, history and culture. At Oliver Roth, we believe in finding you the right place to live and that is not just the house you choose. We think about your surroundings and how they will affect […]

Why is Bristol a Good Place to Live

City Life Mixed with the Countryside If you are looking to get away from London, but not quite escape to the country in full, then Bristol is the place for you. Brizzle (as the locals call it) gives you the chance to benefit from a thriving city center whilst being minutes away from rolling countryside […]